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Sunday love: The White T

Bubbles isn’t the only one peddling the soft white T.

By far my favorite Sunday shirt:  A plain White V-neck t-shirt.  Try the new Hanes.  MJ & that Sheen guy are on to something.

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Pick some up and immediately feel more awesome (scientific fact).

Fine Watch & Education: Smoke

“And a woman is only a woman, but a cigar is a smoke.”  Kipling, The Betrothed

Recently I stumbled upon Smoke: A Celebration of the Cigar on The Wealth Channel (imagine Food Network meets Robb Report).  It was fascinating (highly recommend a DVR search and record) and prodded me to do a little looking at the history and popularity of cigar smoking.

Columbus is credited with introducing cigars to Europe.  Two of his crewman, Rodrigo de Jerez and Luis de Torres, legendarily encountered the tobacco product on the island of Hispaniola and again when they sailed through the Carribean.

Like many a good thing, sailors became addicted to cigars and influenced those in the homeland to enjoy it as well.  Smoking spread through Spain and Portugal to France and Italy and finally, with the help of Sir Walter Raleigh’s travels, into Great Britain.

Historical figures that like a smoke include Sigmund Freud, Winston Churchill, Fidel Castro, Groucho Marx, Mark Twin, Milton Berle, Bill Cosby and JFK (in spite of his trade embargo on Cuba in 1962 that made Cuban cigars illegal).

The cigar is never not cool. In fact, the cigar is cool enough to launch its own set of stylish accessories that, if pulled together right, can set the room on fire:

– Smoking Jacket

Travel Case

– The cutter

– Personal Humidor

– Cedar lined closets

Tawny Port (like Dow’s 10)

From Columbus to Cosby, we salute those that enjoy a good smoke.









Quoddy sale @ Leffot

Fall is coming – so Leffot is making space and giving you a great deal on Quoddy. Check their prices and make your feet very happy with a new pair of kicks.

Deck Chukka Khaki Suede $275 -> $137.50 (size 7)

Respect: The man with no name

In 1964 Sergio Leone changed the shape of cinema when he cast Clint Eastwood, a relative unknown, in A Fistful of Dollars.

On a recent flight back from a business trip I delved into this piece of genius.  From the opening credits of this gem you are treated to beautifully simple designs.  White horse and rider.  Red bars.  White and yellow text.

Clint Eastwood’s iconic performance teaches you elements of cool that are unimaginable, even in the roughest parts of the old west.

“The crazy bell ringer was right.  There’s money to be made in a place like this.”  Says Eastwood, acknowledging the two dominate gangs of the township known for its violence.

Eastwood’s cool is best demonstrated in his calm, raspy voice, trademark brown poncho, quick draw and effortlessly delivered lines:

“My mistake… four coffins.”

“Shoot to kill you better hit the heart, Ramon.”

“When a man with a .45 meets a man with a rifle, its said the man with the pistol is a dead man.  Let’s see if that’s true.”

The dusty nature of the western isn’t exactly like flipping through J Crew’s latest rag.  Nonetheless, the man with no name gives us some personal style tips you won’t learn from a F/W collection:

  • Make friends with the guy that owns the watering hole.
  • If you’re going to wear a poncho, look damn good doing it.
  • Know who you’re dealing with – on both sides of town.
  • Draw the quickest.
  • Deliver a killer stare.

Fine Listen: Good Old War

Through my recent travels I’ve come to appreciate the city of Philadelphia more and more.

Soho Pizza.  Yards Pale.  And last, but certainly not list, Good Old War.

Good Old War is made up of Keith Goodwin, Daniel Schwartz, and Tim Arnold. The band’s name comes from the last names of the three members; Goodwin for Good, Arnold for Old, and Schwartz for War.

This folky outfit has a bit of twinge that harmonizes enough for me to forget its folky (a plus in my book).  They are also kinda ‘jammy’ as you can see in the below videos.  It’s really endearing to see someone loving their craft as they display it from the likes of a kitchen.

Check them out at their MySpace.  Start with My Own Sinking Ship, but then start the album from the beginning.  It’s worth it.  Promise.

Then, when you get done, check out these youtube clips below.  And make plans to see then in Dallas at HOB on November 12.  Lastly, support them by picking up their album (currently $7.99 at Best Buy).

Fine Listen & Watch

There’s nothing like a great cover.

Knowing that, the wife and I caught Jamie Cullum at Dallas’ Lakewood Theater (maybe my new fav venue in Dallas) last night.

Cullum is an amazing musician and performer, as are his super talented band mates (much love to Rory on Trumpet).  His latest album, The Pursuit, includes a couple of hot joints, like the below cover of Rhianna’s “Don’t Stop the Music.”

Bonus addition – check Cullum perform with Dallas-native Norah Jones (soft-spot-in-my-heart/ears).

From Billy with love

We have a special place for Billy Reid at Fine Times.

He is, after all, Dallas’ own (before moving the HQ to ‘Bama).

We’ll still claim him, especially after the cool he spills in this Jake Davis short.

Work it out, BR.