Gregg Allman x Cher x TSY

Over at The Selvedge Yard, JP has a fascinating collection of photos surrounding the relationship between Gregg Allman and Cher – and the messiness of the 1970’s.

Fascinating story and relationship.

Check it out here.

image via TheSelvedgeYard


Hooked on this Type

Typography Served is one of my favorite places to find inspiration.  Letters.  Style.  Type.

Like this.  Wormy.

See the full collection here.

Jake Davis Test Shots: Martin Greenfield

Possibly Probably the coolest man on the planet.

Check out the Jake Davis Test Shots series here.

Strong Disturbance in the Force (via size?)

Me:  Is it weird if I want a pair of these?

Wife: Yes. Very weird.

Either way… these. Are. Awesome.  adi x Star Wars.

Check out size?’s entire SW collection here.

Ink x Serious x Art via Scott Pommier

Some serious work from Scott Pommier spotted at TSY.

— Image by © Scott Pommier


— Image by © Scott Pommier

Weekend Video: Messi strikes

Yeah, we know this isn’t a football space.  But we love it.  And we think you should too.

And if you ff to 1:05 of this video we think you will love him as much as we do.

Industrial Revolution

Ridiculous.  Spotted at 10Engines.