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Tuesday.  A perfect day for some Jack.

Image via

St. Tropez, 1976: a safari jacket-clad Jack Nicholson unloads a complete gent’s wardrobe from the back of his Mercedes S-Class.

Ink x Serious x Art via Scott Pommier

Some serious work from Scott Pommier spotted at TSY.

— Image by © Scott Pommier


— Image by © Scott Pommier

Soccer It To Them

You know that @justinmccord and @rmreynolds are both suckers for soccer.

But you don’t know about Zoran Lucic – @zoranlucic – the brilliant creative mind behind this set of soccer posters, a collection entitled Sucker for Soccer.

See the complete collection here.

The Infographic

An infographic is a visual representation of information and data in a way that presents complex information in a simple, easily readable way.  It’s also a pretty snazzy way to see things.  Real things.

In short–say it.  Say it with pictures.

Check out some of our favs below.

Hard Time via

Check-In Data: The Reality Behind the Hype -- via

Taxonomy of Team Names via


Social Media Detox via


For more infographics, be sure to check out

The Streets are Talking

Our good buddy MD recently sent us some pics and a link to this post on D’s Front Row blog.

As it is, an anonymous street artist is popping up in far North Dallas and Richardson.

It looks like the streets are talking – and we like what they are saying.  If you happen upon this little fella, shoot us a note at and we’ll post what you find.

Puzzled for Bubbles?

NYE is tomorrow.  And you need champagne.

Before you rush to your local stock shop, read GiltMAN’s everything you could possibly need to know about champagne and more post.

Don’t thank us now.  Just mention us in your toast.

Dear Santa, if its not too late…

We want one of these.