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Secret Identity Glasses

Superhero Secret Identity Kit

One of my new favorite minds in menswear is Matt Singer, discovered by Andy Spade and a graduate of the always great Jack Spade, and only 21.  His new online shop features a great take on the typical eyewear.  Obviously once you put these on no one will know what these are all about, and they might not think they are all that great, but that is not the point.  As a lover of marketing, I think these are great for the buyers imagination, and that is half of menswear.  How do you think Ralph Lauren, Billy Reid, or almost any designer became famous, they play on your imagination.  The little things that you know about your style choices that people have to dig deep to figure out is what makes your individual style that much better.  The lining on your suit or pants, the soles on your shoes, your pocket square or your wallet.  To be honest I think some brands survive off of poor designs and great details like these.  All these things people close to you don’t  see until one day they notice it and think, this guy gets it.

Plus, how could you not love a case that says Secret Identity, that would look pretty interesting sitting on the bar.

Jakob Dylans cover art

On Jakob Dylan’s newest album he has the coolest cover art, and it is almost beat out by his EP that was released just before.  He kills it with the hat and the horse, and then he adds a woman with a gun.  Then on his EP he has a flippin bald eagle on his shoulder, he has a flippin bald eagle on his shoulder!  Maybe it is the Texan in me that loves this stuff, but it is rad in my book.  He also looks perfectly dis-shelved, which, for guys is just perfect, you don’t wanna look too put together.  To boot, the music is as good as you would expect from a T-Bone Burnett produced album…in other words, awesome.

An Education changed my game

I finally saw An Education after it set on my dvd player for a couple of weeks.  I got two things out of it.  One, I wanted to punch one of the characters in the face by the end of the movie, but you have to watch it to find out who.  Second, the wardrobe is killer.  The blogs have been claiming this for months now, but I totally see it now.  I am pretty sure my wardrobe will revolve around this movie for quite a while.  From the cool intro (above), to the guys in suits and knit ties, this thing is just cool.  If you are wondering, the key elements I loved were the knit ties, tie bars, spread collars, odd jackets (sportcoats different than the pants) the casual wear of hats, classic sunglasses, and the stainless steel watches.  If you watch closely my favorite look comes from the main guys best friend right as they are walking into his apt with a stolen map.  You can see some of it in the third pic down.  Gray sportcoat, dark slacks, these awesome caramel colored lace up shoes, plaid scarf, and a brown (maybe moleskine) hat.  And any guy that takes off his jacket and uses as a blanket for him and his girl is alright by me, you can see that pic in the second to last one.  Guys clothes should be used and beaten up, not treated as some fragile pieces.  I tried to find a handful of pics to show the wardrobe off, but to get it all you gotta watch the movie.

Seersucker is bad ass

Brian Jones making seersucker and knit ties look more rock n’ roll than ever.  Via Stag’s facebook page

Stag: Provisions for Men

For those of you on the world of Facebook I highly recommend becoming a fan of a great men’s store in Austin called Stag.  Basically for one reason only, they add the coolest photo’s to their page almost daily.  Before you jump all over me, I know they are all from different places, and there is nothing new here.  But, I love how these pictures tell you just what they stand for before you even walk in the store.  The picture above is their storefront, one of many photo’s in their collection.  They have everything from a letter from Mick to Andy, to the coolest looking painter in Austin.  Check out a few faves below, all found on their fan page.

Made in USA Quoddy Bucs

Check out these beauties on eBay right now just in time for the spring.

Handmade in the US of A by the always great Quoddy.  They look to be in pretty good condition.  Too bad I don’t have smaller feet.

Weekend Video – The Civil Wars

It’s raining and 35 degrees here in Texas and this song is just about my tempo this morning, slow and mellow…and still in bed. The Civil Wars are one of my favorites right now, and this is one of their best. Plus, if you have ever wanted to see the inside of Billy Reid’s house now is your chance, this video was shot at his home in Florence, AL. For those elsewhere, in the sun, you should have no problem enjoying this as well.  Here’s hoping for Monday when the sun comes back.