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Color Bind

It’s mid-late March, and if you haven’t already, you need to break out the spring gear.  Yeah, you might see one more cold spell (especially here in Tejas), but more than likely from here on it’s that progression of a few weeks of spring before the heat rolls in.

What’s a guy supposed to wear come spring?

(besides the boats with no socks)

According to color experts, Pantone (seriously… they are THE color people), you should get bright.  And fast.

Their choices:

Solar Power Yellow. Tangerine.  Grass Green.  Hawaiian Ocean (Sweet Tart Blue).  Granita (think Pomegranite).

They might be crazy.  Or they might  be right.

Earlier today The Style Blogger posted this, including pink and yellow.  Glenn O’Brien knows this isn’t a fad–but something that’s been bubbling in Vampire Weekend’s backyard for years.

Bottom-colored-line is this:  don’t let this spring awakening keep you in the charcoals of winter.  You may not rock a pair of Nantucket Reds, but don’t be afraid to brighten things up a bit.



Coming Soon – PF Flyers 75th Anny

These gems began circulating the web earlier this week, thanks in part to this post from The Eye.

Return of the Mack via

With the relaunch of the classic PF’s we’ll also have a relaunch of  More clean lines.  More authentic Americana.  More hi-tops, the way hi-tops were meant to be (I’m looking at you, Alonzo Mourning, with your Air Force High 1993’s).

More Cousy.

Image via Sart Inc

More kick-back.

Image via

More Sandlot fresh.

More PF Flyers.  Coming Soon.

st patty threads

Don’t waste time on green beer.  Instead, celebrate St. Pat’s with this offering from the geniuses at Bumpy Pitch.  Slainte.

Bumpy Pitch Tavern Tee

Digital Circlism via Serial Optimist

Spotted this over at Serial Optimist and had to share. 

Ben Heine is a Belgian multidisciplinary visual artist.  He makes cool things.  Really cool.  Like Freddie Mercury cool.


Check out the entire Digital Circlism collection here.

Round Up Your Mates

A little good charm from Guinness in preparation for St. Patrick’s Day this weekend.

We have our plans. What are yours?

Steve McQueen: One Cool Mug

Steve McQueen: One Cool Mug

Photo via

Weekend Video: Michael Donner & The Southern Renaissance

Much love for my college mates who’ve come together for a truly southern sound.

Check out their video below and pick up their album here.