Minor Obsession…Sand Suede Ankle Boots

You know what makes the Italians wardrobe so great, the ability to mix high and low, formal and sporty.  They throw on a beautifully refined cashmere sportcoat, and on top of that they put a vintage Army jacket.  They have a chalk stripe suit on, and they put red socks with it.  But my current obsession is the way they wear sand suede ankle boots.  The rest of the world would see these as a very casual look with maybe jeans, or not see them at all in the presence of chocolate brown suede boots.  Now keep in mind, I’m not talking about Clarks desert boot, or the J. Crew knock off, think more refined like Tod’s or Crockett and Jones. My favorite look is to see them with a heather gray flannel suit or trousers.  But these guys put them with everything from a navy suit to washed out denim (washed out denim, another thing the Italians do so dang well…for another post I suppose)  I finally nabbed my own pair, and I couldn’t be happier.  In good ol’ America they stand out like a sore thumb, in a good way.  I’ve been wearing them with everything from jeans and my Barbour coat, to my gray flannel suit.  Take examples from the fine gents below.



And, you can’t go wrong if James Bond is doing it.

  1. Love it! Nice post and much wisdom in this line: “In good ol’ America they stand out like a sore thumb, in a good way.”

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