Fine Watch & Education: Smoke

“And a woman is only a woman, but a cigar is a smoke.”  Kipling, The Betrothed

Recently I stumbled upon Smoke: A Celebration of the Cigar on The Wealth Channel (imagine Food Network meets Robb Report).  It was fascinating (highly recommend a DVR search and record) and prodded me to do a little looking at the history and popularity of cigar smoking.

Columbus is credited with introducing cigars to Europe.  Two of his crewman, Rodrigo de Jerez and Luis de Torres, legendarily encountered the tobacco product on the island of Hispaniola and again when they sailed through the Carribean.

Like many a good thing, sailors became addicted to cigars and influenced those in the homeland to enjoy it as well.  Smoking spread through Spain and Portugal to France and Italy and finally, with the help of Sir Walter Raleigh’s travels, into Great Britain.

Historical figures that like a smoke include Sigmund Freud, Winston Churchill, Fidel Castro, Groucho Marx, Mark Twin, Milton Berle, Bill Cosby and JFK (in spite of his trade embargo on Cuba in 1962 that made Cuban cigars illegal).

The cigar is never not cool. In fact, the cigar is cool enough to launch its own set of stylish accessories that, if pulled together right, can set the room on fire:

– Smoking Jacket

Travel Case

– The cutter

– Personal Humidor

– Cedar lined closets

Tawny Port (like Dow’s 10)

From Columbus to Cosby, we salute those that enjoy a good smoke.









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