Mad Men: Casting Call

Few things are more American than voting.

And few things are more therapeutic to me than sitting with my bride and watching Mad Men.

So, when the two come together–well, that’s just peachy (as Pete Campbell might say).

With the help of commercialization, Mad Men has stepped up its promotion this season with a partnership with Banana Republic.  The relationship has spawned the Mad Men Casting Call, where Man Menians can submit their photos for the chance to win a walk-on role in a future episode.

Scouring through the photos of those who have submitted is like sitting through the first couple of episodes of American Idol – plenty of questionable entries.

Amongst the mix you might find a gem to two, like Dallas’ own Jennifer Galliher, who bears a resemblance to Allison, Don’s *ahem* secretary.

Other notable selections include the fav from Lee Harvey’s (home of the best burger in DFW), Tiffany Lonsdale.

Go.  Look.  Vote.

I know what you’re thinking.  And don’t waste your time–because I didn’t see any entry of the great Michael Gladis, aka Paul Kinsey.

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