Fine Listen: Good Old War

Through my recent travels I’ve come to appreciate the city of Philadelphia more and more.

Soho Pizza.  Yards Pale.  And last, but certainly not list, Good Old War.

Good Old War is made up of Keith Goodwin, Daniel Schwartz, and Tim Arnold. The band’s name comes from the last names of the three members; Goodwin for Good, Arnold for Old, and Schwartz for War.

This folky outfit has a bit of twinge that harmonizes enough for me to forget its folky (a plus in my book).  They are also kinda ‘jammy’ as you can see in the below videos.  It’s really endearing to see someone loving their craft as they display it from the likes of a kitchen.

Check them out at their MySpace.  Start with My Own Sinking Ship, but then start the album from the beginning.  It’s worth it.  Promise.

Then, when you get done, check out these youtube clips below.  And make plans to see then in Dallas at HOB on November 12.  Lastly, support them by picking up their album (currently $7.99 at Best Buy).

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