Secret Identity Glasses

Superhero Secret Identity Kit

One of my new favorite minds in menswear is Matt Singer, discovered by Andy Spade and a graduate of the always great Jack Spade, and only 21.  His new online shop features a great take on the typical eyewear.  Obviously once you put these on no one will know what these are all about, and they might not think they are all that great, but that is not the point.  As a lover of marketing, I think these are great for the buyers imagination, and that is half of menswear.  How do you think Ralph Lauren, Billy Reid, or almost any designer became famous, they play on your imagination.  The little things that you know about your style choices that people have to dig deep to figure out is what makes your individual style that much better.  The lining on your suit or pants, the soles on your shoes, your pocket square or your wallet.  To be honest I think some brands survive off of poor designs and great details like these.  All these things people close to you don’t  see until one day they notice it and think, this guy gets it.

Plus, how could you not love a case that says Secret Identity, that would look pretty interesting sitting on the bar.

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