What are you looking at?

I’ve always had a slight jones for magazines.

Highlights.  Mad.  Sports Illustrated.  GQ. That covers the first 28 years of my life.

In the last year, I’ve been turned on to some amazing and fantastic magazines (some strictly online) that give you incredible content, both visual and in text.


Own Magazine (and the fantastic Own blog) give you a good mix of style and insight.  Highlights include their seeming obsession with blazers, these skyline shots of the big city, and the beauty of a photo you see below.

Courtesy of the Own Magazine blog


A good valet takes care of you.  And if you’re a guy who is even slightly concerned about personal appearance, this digi-driven mag is a must-visit.  Valet is all about guy stuff.  Fashion.  Grooming.  Culture.  You can tell something about a site based on its advertisers, and with a mix of JCrew and Billy Reid constantly populating the landscape here, you know you’ve found something solid.  Highlights include special features, like this week’s Summer Shoe Week, the ever-helpful Ask Valet section, and the Handbook, an all-around reference for men.


Simply put, Corduroy Magazine has the best cover shots ever.  Ever.

As a romantic, I fall for the mission of Corduroy.

Our magazine is based on the idea that a corduroy jacket never goes out of style. In the same way, we profile actors, musicians, designers and fine artists who aren’t looking to follow mainstream trends, but rather focused on creating something classic.

Highlights include the aforementioned covers and mission, as well as their music section.


If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a copy of Monocle, you’ll find yourself immersed in beautiful design shots and a Business section to rival the Robb Report, with just enough class to make it a reality.  Highlights are top to bottom, with their Affairs, Business, Design, Culture and Edits sections.


Debonair strives for the cool of the Ian Fleming version of James Bond – effortlessly sophisticated.  A point of credibility in my book is the contributions of Hodinkee.com‘s Ben Clymer (one of the top watch blogs in the space).  Debonair is the bizarro world GQ – combining menswear with culture, including food, music, movies and more.  Highlights include their Best Of section, focusing on people who make other people look good in NYC (a la FT’s Everyday Icon).

Honorable Mention includes D Magazine, Garden & Gun and Japan’s Men’s Ex.

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