An Education changed my game

I finally saw An Education after it set on my dvd player for a couple of weeks.  I got two things out of it.  One, I wanted to punch one of the characters in the face by the end of the movie, but you have to watch it to find out who.  Second, the wardrobe is killer.  The blogs have been claiming this for months now, but I totally see it now.  I am pretty sure my wardrobe will revolve around this movie for quite a while.  From the cool intro (above), to the guys in suits and knit ties, this thing is just cool.  If you are wondering, the key elements I loved were the knit ties, tie bars, spread collars, odd jackets (sportcoats different than the pants) the casual wear of hats, classic sunglasses, and the stainless steel watches.  If you watch closely my favorite look comes from the main guys best friend right as they are walking into his apt with a stolen map.  You can see some of it in the third pic down.  Gray sportcoat, dark slacks, these awesome caramel colored lace up shoes, plaid scarf, and a brown (maybe moleskine) hat.  And any guy that takes off his jacket and uses as a blanket for him and his girl is alright by me, you can see that pic in the second to last one.  Guys clothes should be used and beaten up, not treated as some fragile pieces.  I tried to find a handful of pics to show the wardrobe off, but to get it all you gotta watch the movie.

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