Spring: Acquisitions

Today I wanted to continue the spring series we started on Monday with the Standards. This is a list that includes things that I have picked up these past few months in anticipation of the warmer months. Some things will be in the standards folder in the coming years, and some things might lean a little on the trendy side. Generally we don’t endorse anything trendy here at Fine Times, so take that word with a grain of salt. What I mean by that is each season we might buy a few accessories or small wardrobe additions that keep us current, because let’s face it, a gentleman knows what is current and stays with it. I wouldn’t endorse buying some $400 shorts to keep with the times though, keep it to simple things, that you won’t mind parting with when the time comes to move on.

But enough of that rant, on to the acquisitions.

I have always had a love for the grosgrain watch band or any sort of cloth watchband.  I started out with the Brooks Brothers ones, and then recently moved on to the nato bands.  I tend to buy mine at J. Crew for convenience and I have always stuck to the basic colors and stripes.  Then I saw this orange one and I have been on a kick of bright ones for the spring.  I also recently picked up the timex in the picture after buying vintage ones for a while.  With the vintage one’s I buy, meaning the cheap ones, they always fail. I remembered having the same Timex from jr. high until college and it never failed, so I am no dummy, I got another for $20, and it will probably last until I die.

Like I said in the standards, linen blazers and suits are what you need in the warmer months.  But all I have are solid colors, and in the fall and winter I love the herringbone and tweed patterns.  So, when I saw this herringbone patterned linen blazer at the Ralph Lauren outlet for next to nothing I knew I had to have it.  Patterned jackets are great any time of the year, it sets you a part from the guys at the office and weddings.  Also, it is unlined, which is a must in the heat.

I have had Jack Purcells since I can remember, and for some reason I never wore them.  I don’t know if it was the shape or what.  Well, I set out for a new pair of all white kicks for the spring (I already had some white/green sambas) and the winner was the Van’s Authentics.  I don’t know where these have been all of my life, but they are already broken in and one of my new favorite go to’s.  Come next Fall I will probably have a few more colors.

People swear by LL Bean, as do I.  I have had the Bean Boots (I think the 10″) forever now, but they don’t fare too well when it is above 60 degrees.  I pulled the trigger on these when I saw them on Ebay for $20 and I am glad I did.  In Texas we don’t get much spring, but it rains non-stop from March until May.  These have already made it into the constant rotation.  I highly recommend these for any where in the country, I mean it rain’s pretty much everywhere.  And go sockless…is there any other way?

My wife is in the midst of sewing everything for our future daughter’s room, so I get dragged to the fabric store about once a week right now.  One time I wandered away and noticed these linen gingham patterns and thought “geez I saw this same fabric as a pocket square at Barney’s last summer for $75”  and this stuff was like $3.50 a yard.  So began a new obsession.  My wife now is my pocket square maker, and I am the only guy excited to go to the fabric store.  For about $3 a pocket square I can’t stop.  And with spring on it’s way I have about 5 orders from gingham to madras in right now.  Like I said, accessories are the best way to make your kit adapt to the warmer months.  A navy blazer will look a whole lot better with a pink gingham linen pocket square in May.

This one isn’t really spring oriented, but I had to get glasses last month.  I’m not gonna lie, I have always wanted glasses for the look, but there was no way I was gonna wear fake ones like an Urban Outfitters employee.  Needless to say, they do make me see better, but they add a whole new look as well for me.  I picked up these Paul Smith tortoise shell, and I again will probably have more of these come this time next year. And that is no optical illusion, they fade to clear at the bottom.  (and they have a guitar on the inside of them, how awesome it that?)

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