Fine Times Approved: Pants

I always seem to have trouble finding the perfect slacks.  I want something slim, but not trendy slim, and I can’t go buying $250 Incotex.  .  Recently I have been looking for a nice dressier cotton option for the summer.  I have found some great fitting pants at Rugby Ralph Lauren, in fact my favorite five pocket cords, wide wale cords, and chino’s come from there, but nothing for a wedding or business meeting, and those don’t fit the warm weather bill.  My brother reminded me of the Bowery pant in cotton twill from J. Crew.  I have always thought J. Crew’s pants were a little too baggy, but they seem to have jumped on the slim band wagon sometime last year.  They also have the Urban Slim fit in chino’s and the Bowery pant, but the classic in the Bowery pant is perfect.  Not to slim, not to wide, and the great thing is they come in different lengths, so you can save on tailoring.  I picked up the Navy choice for $70 to go with my khaki and cream blazers this spring, but they seem to have any color covered.  Now their shirting, that is a different story….

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