Spring: Standards

Here in the great state of Texas the temperature is hitting 65 on a daily basis now and raining about once a week, which means spring is here or at least winter is on it’s way out.  With that I am beginning to bring out my spring wardrobe and thinking about anything I would like to add to it in these coming months.  I wanted to share what Spring looks like for us here at Fine Times over the next week or so with three stages, the standards, the acquisitions, and the wish list.  Basically laying out the things that I go to every Spring and have owned for a good while in the standards.  Then with the acquisitions I will tell about things that I have acquired over the last few months for the warmer months, and to wrap it up I will lay out a wish list of things that I either can’t afford or just haven’t acquired yet.  With this, keep in mind that I am going for the spring stuff, not summer.  The bathing suits and shorts don’t come out until it gets to be 90 degrees.  I’m thinking cool nights and April showers right now.

Today we start with the standards.  Since I own everything on this list already I will use actual pictures of some of these items, so forgive my amateur photography.

My favorite thing about warm weather is my suede bucks.  Mind you dirty bucks are a fall staple, but mine are almost white making them of the warm weather variety.  I found these at Barney’s last summer after my Billy Reid bucks got so dirty they were verging on black.  I wear them with everything from jeans to suits to shorts.

Sperry Topsiders are a no brainer, and for some people a year round shoe.  For me I switch to LL Bean camp and blucher mocs in the fall and winter.  In the spring and summer I have about three pairs of topsiders that each have their own duty.  One for mowing the lawn, one for everyday, and one that I keep a little more polished up.  The one above is the every day pair, these things go from drinks on the lawn to the pool and everywhere in between.  Pretty much anywhere that most guys think flip-flops are an option is where I wear these (I hate flip-flops on grown men, unless your in the shower at the gym)  The brown color with the white sole is about as classic as they get, and don’t go buying a “vintage” pair from J. Crew for twice as much, buy them new and wear ’em in yourself guys.

Linen/cotton sweaters are a nice addition to any guys wardrobe for the spring and summer months.  Most guys don’t get that sweaters are an option in warmer weather, but you just need to stay away from wool.  Cashmere is an option, but it is to fragile for me, I wear those things out in one season.  I own a few linen and cotton sweaters and wear them as a layering piece for a cigar on the patio or a cool morning.  You can’t go wrong with a crewneck in earthtones or to mix it up get a nautical inspired one like the old gap one pictured.

Jotter Pen’s by Parker are always in my pocket, but when the weather warms up I like to get some cool colorways instead of the basic steel one.  Right now my favorite is a lime-green one.  The Office Max by me gets random colors in through out the year so when I pick up a steel one I always grab a red or yellow one for fun.

Rain coats come in all shapes and sizes, in the south most men seem to think the only option is a Marmot or North Face rain coat.  I always get compliments when I wear my mac style coat.  I picked mine up from the Steven Alan brand for Urban Outfitters called Lark and Wolf.  It is much trimmer than any other I have tried on, giving it a younger feel.  The trench works as well (think Inspector Gadget or Brad Pitt in Oceans Twelve.)

Linen and cotton blazer’s are a great option this time of year.  I have a couple of different one’s, but this cream linen one is the most used over the spring.  There is also a great one I picked up over the holidays that I will highlight in the acquisitions.  It is a nice addition to the suiting options and the texture gives a natural transition from winter tweeds.  Linen pants are also on my rotation come spring, keep ’em trim for a sleeker look.  And, embrace the wrinkles guys, it gives the garment character.

Ties are one of my favorite ways to change with the seasons. Wether you wear tie’s for work or not, this is a way every guy can stand out, in a good way, especially the guy that has to wear one everyday.  Spring ties can vary with materials like madras, linen, gingham, and pretty much any bright color should make more appearances in the warmer months.  The great thing is you can find these unique fabrics at every price point these days from Alexander Olch to The Gap.

Lastly, my huge box of polo’s (or short sleeve knits) come down from the shelf.  I wear these under a sport coat or sweater, with a suit, or with jeans.  Guys really under utilize this shirt, and generally they screw it up with the god awful “golf shirt.”  I own all sorts from Lacoste to Ralph Lauren, just make sure it fits well and doesn’t shine or have moisture wicking technology (unless you are actually on a golf course.)  I am really feeling the Brooks Brothers polo for two reasons, not everyone has it, and the logo is just plain cool…a hanging sheep.  I also endorse the logoless variety for a dressed up look, but generally speaking I view this as a casual sport shirt, so logo’s are part of the fun. (and in my opinion the only time a visible monogram, on the chest of course, is acceptable)

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