Go Tuck Yourself

A great Q/A style forum out there is Ask A Valet on ValetMag.com.  It’s positioned as your 24-hour concierge for all things sartorial and otherwise.

This recent post caught my attention.

Q:  Is tucking your tie into your pants a “thing?”

A:  You could say that the tuck is a bit of a “thing.” It’s an old school look (Rat Pack, Ivy League) and some designers like Thom Browne and Michael Bastian have been bringing it back. It’s a look that works best with knit silk ties, but it is a slightly affected look that’s best with higher-waisted pants. Not something for your low-slung jeans.

Maybe you’ve seen this discussed on other similar boats, like Sartorially Inclined.

But you probably haven’t seen this look rocked in your office space lately, which is why we must break down the tuck rule.

I’ve seen my uber-sart-consicous partner in crime rock this look on more than one occasion.  Like many style akins, it’s just as much pushing the perspective to pull this off as anything.  Typically I go for a shorter tie that hits above my waist with a small but significant break, giving just enough room for my dress shirt to show.

Courtesy of The Sartorialist

The guy pulls it off gracefully because of no belt, the tie bar, his streamlined color choices (simple gray suit, white shirt/pocket square and dark tie) and most importantly his nonchalance. Plus, like both Valet and Sart Inc. pointed out, this is a Thom Browne move. You can’t shun a stunner like Browne. It’s poor form.

Like many other controversial sartorial moves (Sid Mashburn’s socklessness), this is a time-tested tradition that’s just as dapper as the pocket square.

That said… go tuck yourself.

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