Stag Austin: A Fine To-Do

I could anecdotally tell you how I went stag to my senior prom, but that would be burying the lead.  I have mentioned Stag in a couple of conversations since having it brought to my attention by our original Everyday Icon, Van.

Stag is a menswear shop in Austin that specializes in one thing:  being spot-on.

Their new blog,, describes the place as “the spirit of style icons like Steve McQueen, Michael Caine, Paul Newman, and Willie Nelson while looking forward to fashion’s next wave. STAG is passionately masculine and embodies authentic, red-blooded style.”

Not only is the shop officially on my short-list of to-dos for a weekend get-a-way, but their blog has become a regular stop-down.  Check out the photos below, courtesy of Cheryl Schulke of Stash Studios.

All images courtesy of

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