My Own Ten – part II

Earlier this year my counterpart posted his 10 things that never go out of style.  Today I shall do the same.  Consider this a list of things that inspire me not only in style but everything about me, and in no particular order.

1. Jotter Pen by Parker the perfect pen, and cheap.  I lose mine all the time, so no Mont Blanc for me.

2. LL Bean Camp Mocs, no socks (heck, no socks…ever)

3.Blue Oxford button down.  For everything from a wedding to the beach.  Pop your collar at your own risk, because you’re no Paul Newman.

2. Ryan Adams Heartbreaker LP Love him or hate him this is a genius album

3. English Bitter or Iced Tea (brewed and un-sweet, none of that Lipton Raspberry shiz)

4. Chevy Chase.  The coolest comedian, ever.

5. Vintage Rolex

6. Knit ties

7. Tortoise shell eyewear

James Dean killing it with no. 6 and no. 7

8. La Gloria Cubana

9. Films (I’m gonna lump a few in one number…sue me) Diner, Igby Goes Down, To Kill a Mockingbird, Almost Famous, The Graduate, Fantastic Mr. Fox…to name a few.

10. 1984 Mercedes 300D in gold

11. Tex-Mex, I had to sneak it in there.

  1. So, I guess that typewriter and the Hooker Hutch and IBM computer paid off. Good Show, really good show!!!

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