Laptop Bag Lust

I have a handful of Filson bags to lug my laptop or weekend essentials around, that I picked up on sale throughout the years.  But truly, I have always wanted a sleek handcrafted leather beauty to carry around a laptop and a few essentials to a meeting or local book store.  I saw this bag from TravelTeq a few months ago called the Trash laptop bag and I fell in love, to bad it is about $500.  Well, today Uncrate brought it into my dreams once again.  I love how the bag puts beautiful leather and nylon together.  It is a perfect marriage of beauty and sporty looks, plus anything with a compartment specifically for your cigar is a winner.

The leather comes in two finishes, the pictured brown (Fox) and also black (Panther.)  Each of those come with about three choices of colors for the nylon.  I want it, but for now I anticipate a daughter in June, so my money goes to cribs and pink tutus….and I am happy about that, but a man can dream.

(Editors Note:  the music on the TravelTeq website is pretty good stuff, usually the mute button is hit immediately on these sites, but this time the TV was muted.)

  1. leather padded laptop bags are the best to use since they can absorb shock and prevent moisture buildup “”

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