Vans Authentics vs. Sperry 75th Anniversary CVO

This cold season I have been on the lookout for the perfect white shoe for the warmer months ahead. My only pre-requisite was I knew I didn’t want to spend Common Projects kind of money ($300+).  So any guy knows that the good choices come down to pretty much two, maybe three or four at the most, shoes. Well, for me it came down to the two shoes in the title, the Vans Authentic in white, and the new Sperry 75th Anniversary CVO.  So off to the store to buy both and compare before the final desicion.

The Sperry’s were definitely a good choice on paper.   They pretty much tried to re-create the classic shoe that Sperry had all but abandoned with the recent chunky interpretation of this shoe.  Also J. Crew endorsed and sold the 75th Anniversary line on their website.  J. Crew’s endorsement was a good and bad thing in my opinion. Good because all collaborations they have done lately are spot on, bad because anything they do seems to end up on every guy and their uncle. Well, I guess anything J. Crew does is better on every guy than (insert other national chain) on every guy…I digress.  Also, anytime J. Crew get’s involved with a storied brand the price seems to magically increase by about double.  These guys ring in at $75, about $15-$20 more than the non anniversary CVO’s depending where you look, and about twice as much as the $40 Vans Authentic . One other thought, I just felt like they looked like old man shoes on me.  Old man style is not always a bad thing, but something about the look just didn’t seem fresh like the Vans did.  All in all I gotta say I liked them, but compared to the Vans and what they had to offer they just seemed to not match up

On to the Vans and ultimate winner for my spring wardrobe.  In the beginning I bought the Vans only on two accounts, my brother encouraged me to go this route, and one of my favorite blogs of all time, Secret Forts, swears by them. I gotta be honest, I expected to fall in love with the Sperry Anniversary shoes and thought that the Vans would be on their way back to the store pretty quick. But the second I put them on I just knew that this was the shoe. They just have a look to them that hasn’t changed over the years, yet feels so relevant and fresh. The Sperry’s seem to have conformed to the times. They seem more clean, more authentic (no pun intended) and let’s face it, Vans is like Sperry’s cool younger brother. So, I stuck with the Vans, and I feel like white won’t be my only color by the end of the summer. For a guy as opinionated in clothes as myself I kind of enjoyed finding something new that has been there all along.

    • justinmccord
    • February 9th, 2010

    good choice on the vans. street cred.

  1. So I realize you post primarily on men’s fashion, which I think is necessary… but I am wondering what you think of the classic Converse All star for women?

  2. Kristin – For some reason on me I never liked the converse, but on women it is another story. I think women in converse are perfect, I am not talking about the Avril Lavigne look, but a nice prep and punk look going. A nice summer dress, or denim and a blouse with converse are a nice twist from the normal flats or other girly choice. For women I think both choices above are below Converse. With converse you can’t go wrong…period.

    Thanks for reading and keep the comments coming!

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