Lighten Your (Pocket) Load

From time to time I feel like my pockets are in overload mode.

Phone.  Wallet.  Cash clip.  Burt’s Bees.  Keys.  Handkerchief (back pocket, but still).  We’ve trained ourselves to carry as much in as many places possible on our person, leaving us with unnecessary  bulges and bumps.

Enter the iMojito from Malcolm Frontier.

Streamlined, courtesy of

As seen on’s blog, this combo-wallet gives you the chance to minimize what you’re carrying.  Lose a card or two.  Combine your cash (you don’t need singles, anyway) if you must carry it.

But the key in all of it is to minimize.  How many plastics do you really need on you at once?  There’s no need to carry more than 3-4 business cards.  This accessory is not only clean, but can help signal a philosophical “less is more” when it comes to what you tote.

Pick one up for just $35 at

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