Fine Read & My Own Ten

I have really enjoyed diving in to Corduroy Magazine‘s website, and specifically, their recurring series Things That Never Go Out Of Style.

Reading through the lists, you get a sense for what inspires those that inspire others.  That formula for inspiration has led me to offer my own Ten Things That Never Go Out Of Style:

1.  Your Best Pair of Jeans.  Familiar and welcoming – like a family member.

2.  Chivalry.

3.  Brown Belt.  My father has a great one.  I have a great one.  Time after time, the brown belt comes back to add a caramel accent to navy, khaki and heather grey.

4. The Stones.  Jumpin’ Jack Flash will always be a gas, gas, gas.

Mick Jagger (1964) by David Bailey © Camera Eye Ltd.

5. Espresso.

6. Journals.  Men need a place to record their thoughts, jot their to-dos and make a note of their eurekas.

7. Boxers.

8.  The Graduate.  Iconic.

9. The Zebra Pen.

10. High Cotton.  Jake Davis reminded me recently about the simple beauty of where I grew up.

Photo Courtesy of Jake Davis Blog -

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