Found: A go-to item

Fine Times is heading to the City of Rocky, Dr. J and Brotherly Love for the next 72 hours.

Though I’m packing for business, I can’t help but include my favorite wardrobe item:  my Levi’s 514s.

I’ve grown up wearing the red tab.  They are as much my past as my present.

The current pair has now suited me for the last three years, just enough time for the indigo to fade and begin to show fades and pocket lines from a phone/wallet, key or ever-present Burt’s Bees.

I can wear them with my Suede Boots, shelltops or beat-up Chuck’s.  I can wear them with a tie or a v-neck.

The lesson here: find yourself an item- a watch, pair of shoes, socks, oxford, blazer, scarf, wingtips or something else, and stick with it.  Make it your go-to item for that big meeting, first date, first date in a while or other special occasion.

Don’t let it define you… but, like my worn-in denim… look to define it over time.

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